Cars And Girls

Fiesta is maybe not the biggest “girl magnet” in the world, but it is definetely in my opinion beautiful and fast cars and beautiful, fast cars and girls are things which always went together. I like both. You already know that I like fista when it comes to cars and when it comes to girls there is one special girl I just discovered and her name is Sophia Winters. Oh hell yeah, if you know her you know why I like this sweet chick. Sophia Winters has really some qualities and it is just the best girl to sit on the seat in your Fiesta while you are driving 100 miles per hour.
Her pictures and more are here.

Desperate For Stamps – Ford Fiesta XR2 Getaway

This was a Uni assignment for my Digital Media Development module. It’s basically an advertisment for a Ford Fiesta XR2 based around a Post Office robbery and then the getaway, with an all to familiar ending. The car was provided by my friend Rhys Tudor-Davies. I edited it using Final Cut and produced the music myself using Propellerhead’s Reason 4. I also had help with the filming from Dai “The E…